Steven P. Sutherland, R.G., P.G., C.E.M.

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Hazardous Materials Manager/Geologist

Pinyon Environmental, Inc.
Arizona State University
Phoenix, Arizona Area

Steve has over 20 years of experience in the environmental and water resources fields, and currently works as Hazardous Materials Manager and Geologist. As Geologists go, Steve's a BAMF! What you will read below is chalk full of impressive adulting but it's his GEEKing that makes him an Endangered Earthling.

He oversees all of our projects because his management skills include serving as client and regulatory agency liaison; project scoping and budgeting; management of budget and schedule; portfolio management; proposal completion; scheduling and coordination of field activities, oversight of field personnel and subcontractors, and project evaluation and reporting.

As Hazardous Materials Manager, his activities include management and oversight of field teams, working with the South Mountain Freeway team in all hazmat aspects, and oversight & management of discovered hazmat in the field during construction. Also responsible for various activities associated with ADEQ WQARF (state superfund) project across Arizona.

As Geologist, this is where he ranks as Super-Hero. He is responsible for coordination, direction and management of field operations, as well as Phase I/II and PI/RI investigations, brownfields management and investigations, environmental compliance audits, and other field activities.

He is additionally responsible for site safety, potable water and monitor well design and installation, well abandonment, various air, soil and groundwater sampling requirements, asbestos and mold surveys, data analysis and interpretation, RCRA waste determinations and
disposal, and report preparation and completion.

He has extensive experience working for regulatory authorities and other State agencies, the EPA, Navajo Nation EPA, for legal counsel, and for municipal, industrial, public sector and private developer clients.

Specialties: He is a Registered Geologist in Arizona, and an EPA-certified Asbestos
Building Inspector and Management Planner, offering a B.S. in Geology and B.A. in
Geography (both with an environmental emphasis), and a M.S. in Environmental
Management, with dual concentrations in Environmental Management and International
Environmental Management and Sustainability (4.0 GPA).

Steve is Lord-King of the Endangered Earthling Geeks and one hell of a guy! His geek certs include a long-lived BMX bike career and don't get him started on Metallica.

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