REVIEW by Salma Mumtaz, Dec. 30, 2019

The beginning of The Endangered Earthlings Handbook introduces one of its authors and narrator Pamela Dawn Erickson.  Ms. Erickson breaks down her walls and shows her vulnerability and her struggles throughout life in a way that makes her relatable to all readers in one way or another.   Her life’s struggles do not break her but feed courage, strength, and determination to change not only her circumstances but the circumstances of people in need of guidance and assistance.  And if that wasn’t enough, Ms. Erickson has also been an advocate and a voice for the most vulnerable victim in all of our “progress” in the last 80 years, Mother Earth, Gaia, and Planet.  No matter how you refer to the rock we live on, we, as a collective are trampling over it/him/her and this book will show us how to stop.  

 Ever wonder how we got to where we are right now, where we stand with the Earth and why people are so worried about Climate Change?  Have you looked at the weather, seen snow and decided that Global Warming is a hoax?  If so, 1) Stop calling it Global Warming 2) Lift the rock you’ve been living under for the past 80 years read The Endangered Earthlings Handbook 3) Start implementing one or two of the solutions provided and realize that it’s very easy to do the bare minimum and still have a big impact in the kind of planet you leave behind.  

 The Endangered Earthlings Handbook will answer questions you didn't even know you had as mostly told by one of its witty authors Pamela Dawn Erickson.  This collection of information and solutions is the work of incredibly passionate people who want to change our lives for the better by educating us about our past mistakes and how to change ourselves for the better. This is not a "we are to blame" book, it not only tells us exactly what lead us to our present predicament but it also gives us solutions and inspires hope in humanity if we take solutions given to us and try to implement as many of them as possible in our daily lives.  Let us be the generation that brings back endangered species, endangered plants, endangered ecosystems, and endangered earthlings.  

Salma Mumtaz, NYC