In 2006, Cisco Coleman became a beat officer in NYC. Serving on the streets of Brooklyn, he quickly saw the bright lights of young men with lives and possible futures before them turn into the nightmares of gangs, drugs and the ever-present stench of death. These young black men had voices, often heard raping out the lyrical struggles of their circumstances. They were set to powerful back beats against the constructs of the foreboding grey walls around them. Having spent many years as DJ Cisco, Coleman heard another calling in those streets and followed it out.

Today, he spends his life hours opening doors and windows for anyone with a voice and a message so they can be heard. Cisco Coleman (AKA) DJ Cisco is a 35-year DJ, Music Producer, remixer and Engineer and a Music Promoter. He has a degree in Recording Arts/ Engineering from the Center for The Media Arts.

He currently owns The DJ Cisco Radio Network LLC. Under the DJ Cisco Radio Network LLC, is his record label: DJC Radio Records Global and DJC Radio Global an internet radio network/show.

He currently manages 5 artists for whom he distributes, semi manages and promotes on his label, and one very outspoken Environmental Evangelist, Pamela, the Endangered Earthling.

Most recently, his greatest accomplishment is creating a successful project called the "Project Unity Tour" for Indie Artist to perform and feed the homeless and stomp out racism across the nation.

Cisco’s giant hearts as well as his interpersonal skills combine with his marketing and industry connections to make him a force of nature in entertainment management and promotion.